RVN Service Ribbon and Colorado mountains

Colorado Western Slope Việt Nam Memorial

On a trip from Steamboat Springs CO to Moab UT, we passed through Fruita CO and noticed this Việt Nam war memorial.

Ivan in front of memorial, with Huey
Me standing in front of the memorial.

The base of the memorial is in the shape of a 101st Airborne patch:  101st Airborne eagle patch You can walk around it and read the names of all those who served in any branch of the military during the war, 1959-1975, and who have asked that their names be engraved on the wall.  The panels are made of granite, like the memorial in DC, but honor all who served, not only the dead.

Names on granite panel

On the top of the shield, there are two platforms.  One explains the Việt Nam service ribbon.

RVN Service Ribbon platform

The other lists the Western Slope casualties in Việt Nam.

RVN Colorado casualties platform

The panel out front describes the Field of Dreams memorial.

Ivan standing in front of explanatory panel


It’s been almost 36 years since I was there, but seeing or hearing a Huey brings it all back.  I revisited Việt Nam in 2002; I’d go again in a minute.

Ivan and Huey Close-up of Huey crew list

You can read more about the monument’s history and developers at the Field of Dreams website.

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