How to Set My Watch

I. Van Laningham

The Story

This page tells me how to set my watch. You might think that’s kind of unnecessary, since watches are pretty simple, but I’ve got a story about that.

Back when I was working at Motorola, I was standing in the break room and one of the engineers there asked me what time it was. I said “Ummm, let’s see, umm, 2:30 pm,” and he asked what took me so long. I explained that I kept my watch set on 24-hour time but didn’t know how to change from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time without my instruction manual; I couldn’t find it, so I was subtracting for DST and 24-hour time simultaneously.

There were several other engineers in the break room along with my friend, and when I said that I didn’t know how to set my watch, all six of them headed straight for me—“Let’s see it!” they said.

1101 E. University Computer Room
Peter, Pat and Martin Kane, and several Gould Computers
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I had no choice but to turn my watch over to them; they messed with it for 20 minutes or so, scratching their heads and pushing button after button. You know, I never knew it was such a complicated watch until these high-powered software engineers, with years of experience and many published papers, gave up.

“Well,” they said, “You’ll have to find the instruction book.”

“Yes,” I said, “I knew that.”

Anyway, here are the instructions so that I’m not completely hosed if I lose the hard copy. For the benefit of anyone else out there who’s trying to index this site, these are instructions for the Casio Model 844 Fishing watch.

Casio 844 Fishing Watch
The Long-Dead Fishing Watch

I don’t fish, but I think it’s the only kind of watch a calendar freak ought to have—it shows the phases of the moon.

A Testimonial from Oman

Email received 21 April 2006:


My name is Zaid Balushi and I am an 18 year old student from OmanI have just finished reading your site on the Casio 844 manual.  Sir you are my hero.  I am using this watch since 1994 (over 12 years!), I have lost my manual when I was six and your manual saved my life.  I love my old simple watch and now I can use it with all its functions.  Again thanks to you.  I hope that you read this e-mail and reply back.  Who would've known that after all these years your manual could help some one.


Zaid Balushi

Update: 10 July 1998

I finally bought a new watch; unfortunately, it doesn’t show the phases of the moon, but it does, at the click of a button, show me the current time in any timezone in the world. It also shows UTC time; the best part is, I don’t even need the instructions because it has little LCD displays in it that tell me, at all times, exactly what the buttons do in whatever state the watch is in. I think that’s pretty nifty, myself. But I’ll keep this instruction book on-line, for anyone else out there who might need it.

New Citizen Watch
Citizen Watch

The Instructions

Table of Contents

  1. Casio Model 844 Instructions
  2. Reading the Display
  3. Demonstration Display
  4. Setting Time and Date
  5. Setting Location Data
  6. Moon Graph Display
  7. Moon Angle
  8. Using Fishing Time Mode
  9. Fishing Times on Other Days
  10. Moon and Fish
  11. Using Sunrise & Sunset Mode
  12. Using Daily Alarm
  13. Using Stopwatch
  14. Tips
  15. How to Replace the Battery
  16. Battery Life
  17. Care of Your Watch
  18. More Watch Care
  19. Specifications
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