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A Maya Syllabary

Constellation band

The table below shows the syllabary for the glyphs, as of the twentieth Texas Meetings in Austin.

  1. Schele, Linda and Looper, Mathew, Notebook for the XXth Maya Hieroglyphic Forum , University of Texas at Austin, 1996.
  2. Quist, Linda, The Maya Glypher’s Companion , Privately Published, Alexandria VA, 1993 (1996 revsion).

This page is by no means complete. underan

  A E I O U
  T743.32 T745.32 T13la T15la T542a.32 T741c.32 T639.32 T679a.32 T679b.32 T679c.32 T1034.48 T1la T2l T3la T6l T10l T11l T513.32 T741b.32 u.png
B T501.32 T558.32 T757.32 ba_2 T585a.32 T585b.32 T585c.32   T519.32(?) T21l
CH T520.32 T668.32   T671.32 T704.48   T515a.32 T530.32 T601.32
CH’ T603.32 T609b.32 T634.32     T590a.32(?) T758a.32 cho_2  
H T670.32 T682a.32 T682b.32 T683a.32 T683b.32 T587.32 T607b.32 T758b.32 T758c.32 T589.32 T607a.32 T672.32 T32l T33l T34l T45l T46l T740.32
K T25l T27l T630.32 T669a.32 T669b.32 T738a.48   T518c.32   T528.32
K’         T604.32 T1039.32 T35la T35lb
L T534.32 T56ba T56bb T56r T612.32 T613.32 T7l T24l T8b T777.32 T580.32 T568a.32 T568b.32 T568c.32
M T502.32     T582.32 T19l T648.32
N T4l T23l T48l T536.32 T542b.32 T685.32       T60l T60ta T592.32 T593.32
P T586a.32 T586b.32 T602.32 T715.32 T689.32(?)     T622a.32 T622b.32 T687a.32 T687b.32 T692.32(?)
S   T57l T57r T57ba T57bb T57ta T57tb      
T T51l T53la T54b T552.32 T553a.32 T553b.32 T565a.32 T565b.32 T565c.32 T515b.32 T767a.32 T767b.32 T59ba T59bb T59bc T59l T59r T59t T44l T49t  
TZ T699.32 T521.32(?) T588a.32 T588b.32 T507a.32    
TZ’   T563a.32     T608.32
W T506.32 T703.32        
X T508.32     T536.32 T1036c.32 T756a.32 T756b.32
Y T47l T512a.32 T710.32 T17l T18l T575.32 T673a.32 T673b.32  
  A E I O U

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