When from Our Exile:
Ivan in Việt Nam

I. Van Laningham

Table of Contents

  1. Ivan in Vietnam:  The Unauthorized Foreword by Audrey Thompson
  2. Day 3:  Arrival
  3. Day 4:  Dawn by the Sông Sàigòn
  4. Day 5:  Núi Bà Đen
  5. Day 5:  The Cao Đài in Việt Nam
  6. Day 6:  En Route to the Sông Cửu Long
  7. Day 6:  Vĩnh Long
  8. Day 7:  Vũng Tàu
  9. Sidebar:  Basic Training:  How to Make Your Bed
  10. Day 9:  Quan Thế Âm Bồ Tát
  11. Day 9:  The Road to Long Bình
  12. Day 9:  Relics
  13. Day 10:  Breakfast in Saigon
  14. Day 10:  When from Our Exile
  15. Day 10:  Museum Piece
  16. Day 16:  Ленин в Hà Nội
  17. Day 18:  “Just Another Indo-European Language”
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  Count by Muhammad Muquit
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Background Photo:  Billboard in downtown Hội An, Central Việt Nam, Quảng Nam Province, July 2002

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