Gub Gub’s Book (1932)

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Gub Gub’s Book 1932 -
Jonathan Cape
Gub Gub’s Book
First Edition; dust jacket; some water damage; one color plate, “King Guzzle the Second, The Picnic King” (same as cover image).  Note that Gub-Gub’s name is spelled in the text as Gub-Gub, but the hyphen is missing in his name on the cover and the title page.
More images, including the autograph page, from the above copy of Gub Gub’s Book:
Gub Gub’s Book, endpapers
Gub Gub’s Book, dust jacket obverse
Dust jacket obverse
Hugh Lofting’s autograph
1948 flyer
Flyer distributed with 1948’s Dr. Dolittle and the Secret Lake, found inside back cover of Gub Gub’s Book
1948 flyer, inscription 1
Note written at top edge of flyer to the right.
1948 flyer, inscription 2
Note written at right edge of flyer to the right.
1948 flyer, obverse
Back side of 1948 flyer shown above.
Gub Gub’s Book 1932, 1960, 1992 Simon & Schuster
Gub Gub’s Book
Bowdlerized edition; “Additional illustrations 1992 © Christopher Lofting”.
The “additional illustrations” are confined to the opening page of each chapter, and feature small drawings of Gub-Gub, in the style seen on this cover.  Two illustrations were removed, with nothing inserted in their places.  The expunged interior illustration was “The Mexican Pantry Bandit - with Helper”; the color frontispiece, “King Guzzle the Second, The Picnic King,” was also removed, but for economic, not racial, reasons.
Back-cover blurb from M.F.K. Fisher.  Praise for the great Gub-Gub!

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