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The “Standard Icons” are found in the shell32.dll in the %SystemRoot%\System32 directory, typically C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Winnt\System32, depending on the flavor of Microsoft Windows® installed on your machine.  Shell32.dll can be edited with ResHacker, a very nice, easy-to-use, and free resource editor.  Colin Wilson has another freeware resource editor, XN Resource Explorer that looks pretty nice, although I haven’t tried it yet.  It handles Windows XP executables, and was updated 11 January 2005.

Icon index Function Standard icon Mayan icon
0 Default icon Default icon G261.ico G261
G312.ico G312
G396.ico G396
1 Default document Default document G231.ico G231
2 Application Application G47.ico G47
G141.ico G141
3 Closed folder Closed folder T590a.32.ico T590a.32
4 Open folder Open folder T60132.ico T60132
Kuch.ico Kuch (burden)
T673a.32.ico T673a.32
5 5 1/4" Floppy 5-1/4" floppy T668.32c.ico T668.32c (God B)
6 3 1/2" Floppy 3-1/2" floppy T1047a_1c.ico T1047a_1c (God A)
7  Removable drive Removeable drive Either appropriate letter god or one of the Zip icons: 
x_zip.ico Sip
x_zip_1.ico Sip
Zip.ico Sip
8 Local hard disk Local hard drive Appropriate letter god
9 Network drive Network drive Appropriate letter god, or
north_3.ico Xaman, North
10 Disconnected network drive Disconnected network drive southeast_5.ico Southeast
11 CD-ROM drive CD-ROM Drive G426b.ico G426b
12 RAM drive RAM Drive G201.ico G201
13 Entire network Entire network chikin_2.ico West, Chikin
14 Microsoft/Netware network Microsoft/Netware network G18.ico Etznab
15 Remote computer Remote computer nohol_2.ico South, Nohol
16 Printer Printer east_a_2.ico East, Likin
17 Network neighborhood Network neighborhood NetM.ico Network
18 Workgroup Workgroup likin_a_1.ico East, Likin
19 Program groups Program groups T673b.32.ico T673b.32
20 Documents Documents G324e.ico G324e
21 Settings Settings G380a.ico G380a
22 Find Find G363.ico G363
23 Help Help G346.ico G346
24 Run Run G404.ico G404
25 Suspend Suspend G125a.ico G125a
26 Docking station Docking station G366.ico G366
27 Shutdown Shutdown Ef13.ico Kimi
28 Sharing overlay Sharing overlay hand_shr.ico Sharing hand
29 Shortcut overlay Shortcut overlay None
30 Shortcut/PIF overlay Shortcut/PIF overlay G649e.ico G649e
31 Empty recycle bin Empty recycle bin v2c.ico Venus
32 Full recycle bin Full recycle bin v2.ico Venus
33 Dial-up networking Dial-up networking Ec13.ico Akbal
G265.ico G265
34 Desktop Desktop Menumz.ico Menu
35 Control panel Control panel cumku.ico Kumk’u
36 Administrator/all users
Program group
Administrator/all users Program group T673b.32.ico T673b.32
37 Printers folder Printers folder god_D_1.ico God D
38 Font folder Font folder T563a.32.ico T563a.32
G320.ico G320
39 Windows with a button Windows with a button G21.ico G21
40 CD Player CD player G325v.ico G325v
41 Netware trees Netware trees tzuk32.ico Center, Zenith, Tzuk Te
42 Explore computers/folders Explore computers/folders G317b.icoG317b
43 Favorites folder Favorites folder G446.ico G446
44 Log off Log off G484.ico G484
45 Find in folder Find in folder G605.ido G605
46 Windows update Windows update G411.ico G411
47 (-132) Multiple docs Multiple docs G231c.ico G231c
48 (-133) Find files Find files G363.ico G363
49 (-134) Find computers Find computers G344.ico G344
50 (-135) Shutdown Shutdown Ef13.ico Kimi
51 (-136) Control panel Control panel cumku.ico Kumk’u
52 (-137) Printer folder Printer folder god_D_1.ico God D
53 (-138) Add new printer Add new printer godD_l..ico God D
54 (-139) Network printer Network printer glyphAa_1.ico Glyph A
55 (-140) Print to file Print to file glyphA9nine_1.ico Glyph A9
56 (-141) Recycle bin full Recycle bin full v2.ico Venus
57 (-142) Recycle bin full Recycle bin full v2.ico Venus
58 (-143) Recycle bin full Recycle bin full v2.ico Venus
59 (-144) Document Document G362a.ico G362a
60 (-145) Document copy Document copy G363a.ico G363a
61 (-146) Rename folder Rename folder G291_2.ico G291_2
62 (-147) Copy system files Copy system files G354b.ico G354b
63 (-150) INI/INF files INI/INF files G26a.ico Pohp
G291_1.ico G291_1
64 (-151) Text files Text files G231.ico G231
65 (-152) Executable program Executable program G47.ico G47
G141.ico G141
66 (-153) System files (DLLs, etc.) System files (DLLs, etc.) G319a.ico G319a
67 (-154) Bitmap font Bitmap font G57g.ico Completion or zero
68 (-155) TrueType font Truetype font G57e.ico Completion or zero
69 (-156) Adobe Type Manager Adobe type manager G58d.ico Completion or zero
70 (-159) Run application Run application G404.ico G404
71 (-160) Send file Send file G614.ico G614
72 (-164) Backup Backup G620.ico G620
73 (-165) ScanDisk Scandisk G650.ico G650
74 (-166) Defrag Defrag G743a.ico G743a
75 (-167) Default (local) printer Default (local) printer ndefault-3.ico Network default icon 3
76 (168) Default (network) printer Default (network) printer ndefault-1.ico Network default icon 1
77 (-169) Print to disk default printer Print to disk default printer ndefault-2.ico Network default icon 2
78 (-170) Folder tree Folder tree G432.ico G432
79 (-172) Favorites Favorites G446.ico G446

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