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  1. Robert Poole, John Dee and the English Calendar:  Science, Religion and Empire
  2. Lawrence K Lo, Ancient Scripts
  3. Nancy McNelly, Rabbit in the Moon Sadly, Nancy died a couple of years ago, and her domain expired.  She will be missed.
  4. Rafael C. Alvarado, Mayan Epigraphic Database
  5. Kevin L. Callahan, Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations
  6. Greg Pringle, cjvlang (Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese)
  7. Felix Verbelen, Ancient Astronomy An extremely useful set of compilations of eclipse data (both lunar and solar) and heliacal risings and settings of Venus; Felix has gone to a lot of trouble to provide these data, which cover the primary date range and geographic area of most Mayan history.
  8. Justin Kerr’s incredible Maya Vase Database:
  9. FAMSI, Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc.
  10. Also from FAMSI is Aztlan, The Aztlan Mailing List, as well as
  11. Nahuat-L, The Nahuat-L Mailing List

Search the web for information about the Mayans, their calendar, writing, science, civilization, astronomy and culture.
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